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January Newsletter

January, 2013 Newsletter

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During a Lame Duck session, the Ohio Senate passed, 27 to 6, HB 555 which was the “education bill.” Senate changes to HB 555 include:

    • No letter grades on individual college and career-ready components of the dashboard.
    • Directs the State Board of Education to develop standards for “industry credentials” — one of the college and career-ready components of the dashboard that would recognize students’ achievement in career-technical education programs.
    • It expands the list of teacher qualifications for purposes of the reading endorsement related to the third-grade reading guarantee. This was a direct response to strong feedback from the field on provisions from SB 316.
    • Letter grades will be used for the existing report card components for this school year, but no composite score will be assigned (no letter grade or overall designation).
    • No new items will be graded on the report card for the current school year.
    • No new dashboard components will be reported on the report card for the current school year — except for the Annual Measureable Objectives, which replace AYP.
    • It requires the State Board of Education to develop a “safe harbor” provision that protects schools against EdChoice and “challenged school district” status for the first year after the PARCC assessments become effective.** You can use this link to review the entire bill.



Current Superintendent, Dan Good, will be reinstating his Coffee & Conversation gatherings. The first of these will be held January 25th @ 7:30 AM at Panera Bread North – 782 N. State St. This is a good opportunity to ask questions of Dr. Good in a small, informal setting.



While you may not have received your actual tax bill from the Auditor’s office, the tax bills for 2013 which reflect the increase of Issue 10 are available at the Auditor’s websites. If you live in Franklin County you can go to to view your tax bill. If you live in Delaware County, visit to view your bill.



Westerville City School District Board of Education’s search for a new superintendent generated 20 applications from around the country and Board members on Monday reduced the pool to nine candidates who will be interviewed during the week of January 7, 2013. The nine candidates include:

    • Vincent Colaluca, Superintendent, Austintown Local Schools
    • Steven Estepp, Executive Director K-12 Curriculum & Instruction, Hilliard City Schools
    • James Herrholz, Associate Superintendent, Ohio Department of Education
    • George Joseph, Executive Director of Administrative Services, Worthington City Schools
    • John Kellogg, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, South-Western City Schools
    • Deborah Piotrowski, Superintendent, Xenia Community Schools
    • Michael Sawyers, Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ohio Department of Education
    • John Stanford, Deputy Superintendent, Columbus City Schools
    • Phillip Wagner, Superintendent, Licking Heights Local Schools

The BOE will begin interviews with applicants on this list the week of January 7. Board President Hoffman has said that there will be community focus groups involved in the interviewing process.

Make your feelings known to the BOE on what you want to see included in the salary and benefits package they offer the new Superintendent. Send your e-mails to President Pro-Temp Kevin Hoffman at

Express your feelings on…

    • What you see as a fair salary.

    • Do you feel that we should start fresh with the new Superintendent and implement a policy for all administrators regarding “use it or lose it” when it comes to vacation carry-over.

    • How many days of vacation time, do you feel the District should offer the new Superintendent.

    • Other pay and benefit items.



Attendance at BOE meetings gives you the opportunity to learn what is happening in the District. January’s tentative schedule is:

    January 7

    January 14

    January 28

All meetings are scheduled at 6:00 PM in South’s HS Commons. The January 7 meeting is the annual organizational meeting. The BOE will elect the person to serve as Board President at this meeting.

Attend these meetings, sign-up to give your comments or ask your questions during the two Public Comments sections of the agenda.



Recently, Taxpayers for Westerville Schools requested to know the total amount spent on legal bills for 2012. Up thru December 20th, the District spent over $758,000 in legal fees.

TFWS and other residents and leaders are requesting that the Board of Education issue an RFP (Request for Proposal) for these services to make sure we are getting the best value (price and service) for our money. However, the BOE has stated that they will NOT be issuing an RFP.

This response is quite troubling as President Hoffman recently stated in an unrelated e-mail that “You can be sure we will continue to be very careful with how we spend every dollar of the district’s money.” The very fact that the BOE will not issue a RFP for these services contradicts this statement!

IMPORTANT: This is why we ask you to be engaged and make your voice heard. Send an e-mail or speak at a meeting when you see something wrong. Contact the media or write a letter to the editor. Vote out Board Members when they don’t keep their word or mismanage our district!



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This same e-mail address can be used if you have any questions about the group or the schools.



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