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Volunteers Did It!

On August 20, 2012, the Franklin County Board of Elections certified the petition (click here for details) turned in earlier this month. The issue will now be placed on the November 6th ballot.

According to an article in The Dispatch, the all volunteer group of signature collectors had 92% of the signatures approved. This accuracy is almost unheard of! Thank you to our volunteers for their work and devotion to this effort.

Information from the article:

“The group leading the effort collected 4,726 valid signatures and needed only 3,585. The board unanimously approved the issue for the ballot.”

“Of the 5,136 signatures gathered by the group, 92 percent were determined to be valid, a high rate for a ballot issue.”

Volunteers “do their job, and they’re very careful,” Ben Piscitelli said. “These numbers speak for themselves.”

The Dispatch article can be found here: