Taxpayers for Westerville Schools

Putting children and their education first and uniting the community…

We Are Westerville

We Are Westerville…

Whether you work here or live here or go to school here, each and every person is valued.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing details from people who Are Westerville and why they support our schools and how important they believe our schools are; however, they will talk about the importance of our school system being and remaining affordable for the community.


Susan continues the video series. She and her husband have lived in Westerville for 12 years and a is former school employee. Susan and her husband volunteer for a variety of children’s activities.
Etta Moore starts off the video series. She has lived in Westerville for 52 years, a proud mother of 4 and a former teacher. Etta does a great job getting this series started.