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Below are some of the resources you can use in your research of Westerville City Schools:

Opportunity Ohio is dedicated to enhancing prosperity for Ohioans through educating policymakers and citizens. They pay particular attention to the impact of state and local government decisions and how they foster or hinder job creation and economic growth. Opportunity Ohio has many analytical sources available:

2012 RFP Presentation – This is the RFP Presentation. It was shared privately in July and publicly at the Sept. 24, 2012 BOE Meeting.

2012 Retirement Listing – This shows the list of retirements after the 2012 school year. The document shows the job role as listed at the time of retirement on the school Board Docs web site. The value for each position is from actual payroll data for the last calendar year.

LevyFacts Presentation – June 27th, 2011 – This is the presentation that was presented to the Board of Education on June 27th, 2011 calling for spending controls rather than a November levy (which failed 61% to 39%). The presentation was about creating fiscal sustainability, not the status quo tax and spend plan of the BOE.


Why do my property taxes keep going up? Watch the video series, presented by Robert Edwards, presented Feb 2012, that shows why your property taxes keep going up – and what can be done about it!

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5         The Presentation: Part 1     Part 2


A Better Way – The presentation made to the community and BOE by the LevyFacts group in June 2010. It showed that there is a better way to manage our district in a fiscally responsible manner. (note: this is a large file – 5 MB)


The school district publishes annual financial reports. You can review these Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports as prepared by the school board. They are known as “CAFR’s”. Click the links below for the corresponding yearly report:

2015    2014    2013    2012    2011    2010    2009    2008


2004 State of Ohio Audit – In 2004, the school district authorized a performance audit performed by the State of Ohio Auditor. Although there is a lot of good to be found in the report, there were recommendations for millions of dollars in savings which were not implemented.