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July Newsletter

July 2012

Please stop by one of our TWO LOCATIONS to add your name to the petition. We will have our usual spot in front of Edward Jones Investments just North of Main and State and new this month WE WILL HAVE A TABLE IN FRONT OF 2 S. State (SW corner of State and College). If you are not coming out to the 4th Friday festivities, we are at the Library every Saturday from 9 AM to Noon. We also are set-up for the remaining 2 Saturdays in June in front of the Spots Complex on the SW corner of Cleveland and County Line.

Please visit the website and use the Paypal feature to make a donation of $10.00, $25.00 or more. This is a grassroots effort, every dollar we receive is gratefully appreciated and we will spend every dollar in the most effective way possible.

At the June 18th BOE meeting, a first reading was completed on FY2013 appropriations, as well as a proposal on refinancing some 2004 bonds. Both of these matters will be on the agenda at the BOE meeting of the 25th. Please go to the District’s website and review these presentations. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail any member of the BOE, the treasurer, or the superintendent. To view the presentations, – choose the meeting of May 18th. To contact any of the Board members or the Administration:
• Dan Good (
• Bart Griffith (
• Kevin Hoffman (
• Kristi Robbins (
• Cindy Crowe (
• Carol French (
• Denise Pope (

If you are working on petitions, please return any completed or partially completed packets to us no later than Saturday the 30th. We will be more that glad to give you a new packet, but we need to get a firm count of the number of signatures we have in hand. All volunteers that are out collecting signatures are doing a FANTASTIC JOB. A huge Thank You to all!

If you are uncomfortable taking a petition door-to-door but still want to help – we have just the spot for you. We have many names and addresses of citizen who want to sign the petition. We will furnish you with the addresses and a time and day when the person is expecting you, you just need to drive to their home and get their pre-approved signature. Can you spare a couple of hours? If you would be willing to help in this manner, please contact us.

Even though summer vacation is now in full swing, please remember that contract negotiations with the WEA are underway. What do you want to see in these negotiations. Write your comments to the Editor of Westerville’s newspaper. The Editor is Joe Meyer and his e-mail address is Use a letter to the Editor to make your feelings know of how important it is for the BOE to hold the line during these contract negotiations.

The best way to know what is going on in the District is by attending Board of Education meetings.

Monday – 6-25 Regular Meeting 6 PM WSHS
Friday – 6-29 Special Session 7:30 AM ELC
Monday – 7-9 Regular Meeting 6 PM WSHS
Monday – 7-23 Regular Meeting 6 PM WSHS

info@taxpayersforwestervilleschools – send us a question or comment, we will answer within 24 hours. Post a comment on our Facebook Page .

Visit our Website and make a DONATION.

Many of you have said you would like to see more information available on our website. Volunteers, at this very minute are busy at their keyboards making additions and revisions to the website. We will send a notice soon so you can check out the improvements.

Check out the 2012 City of Westerville “Community Survey” results (link below). One notable quote from the web page is: “Fiscal management and responsibility was again marked as the most important…” Of particular interest, the answers to the question “What do you like LEAST about living in Westerville?” 1/4 of the responses given were school-related:

  • Property Taxes (#3, 11.6%)
  • School Levies (#5, 10.6%)
  • Quality of Schools (#12, 2.1%)

“Looking forward, they see…, if unaddressed, would diminish the quality of life in Westerville in the future, as well as… high taxes/increasing costs.”

City of Westerville, OH : Click here for 2012 Community Survey Results

We thank everyone who has signed our petition. The concerned citizens include public officials, service workers, educators, professionals, homemakers, a complete cross-section of the citizens of this District. Your signature allows the issue to be placed on the November ballot for all registered voters to decide if school property taxes should be rolled back by the same millage amount that appeared on the March ballot. You may sign the petition even if you are sitting on the fence and want to see what this summer’s negotiations will bring. This petition will allow the issue to be placed on the ballot, where all citizens are urged to make an informed decision.

Please sign the petition to allow the issue to be on the ballot, then in November please vote.