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District Payroll DB

The District Payroll Database provides a view of the total compensation for each district employee. This information is provided by the District. If you have questions about the validity of the data, please contact the District. Additionally, pay includes all supplementals an employee may earn in a given pay period.


Click this link to use the Westerville School District Payroll Reporting web site:

District Payroll Reporting



  • Name withheld says:

    Apologies for withholding my name- I truly am a Westerville parent and I’m genuinely concerned that my children will suffer if my concerns were made public. That being said, I appreciate what you’re doing and I hope you’re doing it for the right reason: for the children and not to save a couple of bucks. I agree with you that the Westerville BOE has been extremely irresponsible with our money, but simply repealing a levy will do nothing but strip services at the school, hurt the children, and ultimately decrease property values leading to a downward spiral. Instead, I believe we should seek transparency and oversight. For example, sports fees more than doubled but services (buses) were cut. Meanwhile, athletic directors and their private secretaries are making unbelievable salaries. The bus radius has increased, stops have decreased, fees have increased, and school staff is bitter about the $$- again, the children are the ones that suffer. I don’t know if Westerville has enough or too much of our money, but I do know they’re spending it in a very irresponsible manner. In some areas it could even be considered graft, corruption, and theft. The best way to get rid of the roaches is to turn the lights on! Best of luck!