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Petition Turned In

At 11:00 AM this morning, representatives of Taxpayers for Westerville Schools delivered to the Franklin County Board of Elections a petition that would authorize an issue to appear on the November ballot. Voter approval of this issue would decrease the continuing levy voted into place in November of 2009 by 6.71 mils.

An all volunteer group collected 5,136 signatures from a wide base of residents in Delaware and Franklin Counties. Taxpayers for Westerville Schools wants to THANK, not only all the signers of this petition, but also the dedicated volunteers who devoted many hours toward this successful endeavor.

3,585 signatures were required to be collected. Now that the signatures have been placed in the hands of the Board of Elections, we will wait for their review and certification of the signatures and the petition. The Board of Elections expects to decide on the certification by August 20.

Once again, THANK YOU, for your support. Every one of the 5,136 signatures on this petition are valuable in expressing the overwhelming support of the Westerville community and for this school tax reduction.