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Taxpayers for Westerville Schools supports helping our families with a tax-free shopping weekend. Legislation is before the Ohio Congress and needs our encouragement, now.

Now is the time to send a letter to your Representative or Senator asking for the vote to pass this legislation. It would give Ohio, like 22 other states a “tax free” week-end starting in 2013. In States like Alabama and South Carolina, retailers offer tons of sales on this weekend in preparation for back to school.

Unfortunately it is too late for this year. But, it can save some money for families facing “back-to-school” purchases next year.

Bill details below or read the entire bill here:

As Introduced

129th General Assembly
Regular Session 2011-2012
H. B. No. 581

Representatives Lundy, Gerberry
Cosponsors: Representatives Murray, Driehaus, Yuko, Winburn, Clyde, Garland, Boyd
To amend sections 5739.02 and 5739.05 of the Revised Code to provide a two-day sales tax “holiday” each August during which sales of back-to-school clothing, school supplies, computers, and computer accessories are exempt from sales and use taxes.

A portion of the bill reads:

(52)(a) Sales of the following occurring on the second Saturday of August and the following Sunday of each year:
(i) An item of clothing, the price of which is less than one hundred dollars;
(ii) An item of school supplies, the price of which is less than one hundred dollars;
(iii) A computer, the price of which, less any manufacturer’s rebate, is less than seven hundred fifty dollars; and
(iv) A computer accessory, the price of which, less any manufacturer’s rebate, is less than one hundred dollars.
(b) For purposes of division (B)(52) of this section:
(i) “Clothing” does not include clothing or footwear that is designed primarily for athletic activity or protective use and that is not normally worn except when used for the athletic activity or protective use for which it is designed; accessories, including jewelry, handbags, luggage, umbrellas, wallets, watches, and similar items carried on or about the human body, without regard to whether the item is worn on the body in a manner characteristic of clothing; or clothing that is rented, or that is for use in a trade or business.
(ii) “School supplies” means pens, pencils, binders, notebooks, reference books, book bags, lunch boxes, calculators, and similar items. “School supplies” does not include furniture, items that are rented, or tangible personal property for use in a trade or business