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Petition Information

THE PETITION DRIVE WAS SUCCESSFUL, THANK YOU!!! Click here to see details about the results.

Thank you for your interest in the Tax Reduction petition and the process to gather signatures. The information you need to gather signatures is posted below. Once you have the petition packets, you may start gathering signatures. Please follow these instructions when completing the packet:

Signature Gathering Instructions: Signature Gathering Instructions

In addition, we request that you gather contact information for anyone who signs the petition or who would like to be on our e-mail list. You can so so by using this form: Contact Sheet


If you need further information about the fiscal mismanagement of the school or reasons why this tax reduction effort is underway, here are 2 different write-ups about the effort. Feel free to pass them out to petition signers or those with questions:

2 page detailed overview: Click here to view

1 page overview: Click here to view


  • Steve Salerno says:

    I do not want to gather signatures I would like to be able to electronically provide my signature is that possible?

  • Annette Yaeger says:

    Where are you going to have the petitions? My husband and I want to sign them for the repeal. Thank you for your hard work.