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2014 Payroll Report

The 2 files below make up our Calendar year 2014 Payroll Reporting. This report shows the payroll costs for the school district.

Looking closely at the teacher section, the average teacher received a 6.1% pay raise this year – without any consideration to performance results. The report also shows that employees cost the taxpayer about 33% additional for benefits and pension contribution.

If you would like to do some of your own analysis – like seeing that guidance counselors make on average $78,000 per year but math teachers only make $60,000; download the spreadsheet and do you own review. If you use this data to create your own report, you will be responsible for the results.

Click Here to view the 2014 Payroll Report.

Click Here to download the 2014 Payroll report spreadsheet.


In addition to the payroll data reports, we have also created a report for the Educational Services Center. At a Board Meeting, our Treasurer falsely stated that our employment costs was a certain percentage of district revenue. At that time, he excluded the fact that an additional 4% or our revenue goes to employee costs but paid thru the Educational Services Center.

Click Here to see the ESC Report.


NOTE: The ESC Report is based on Fiscal Years. The Payroll Reports are based on Calendar Years.