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  • Taxpayers Admin says:

    “Gross” millage is the original millage that may have passed 50 years ago. Since the mid-1970’s, millage rates have been adjusted for changes in overall property values. The “effective” rate is the millage rate that is used to calculate your property tax bill. In the spreadsheet from the OH Dept. of Taxation website, column E, ‘2011 Total Class I (Residential / Agricultural) Rate’ shows the rate used to calculate a homeowner’s school property tax rate.

    As you can see, the “effective” rates in 2011 (certified by the county auditors in late 2011) were 52.09 mills for Westerville, 50.16 mills for Dublin, and 47.75 mills for Upper Arlington. With Westerville’s passage of the 6.71 mills (estimated by county auditor) school levy in March, that brings Westerville’s total to 58.80 mills. Also discovered in the information received from both county auditors (Franklin and Delaware County) was a 0.72 mill library bond levy that is included in the Westerville School property tax rate. This is not broken out in the OH Dept. of Taxation spreadsheet. However, to be accurate, we have subtracted the 0.72 mills from Westerville’s school millage 58.80, for a total effective rate of 58.08 (still higher than any other school property tax rate in Franklin and Delaware counties).

    If you have a specific question, send an email to with a phone number, and we will be glad to walk you through it.

  • Concerned Parent says:

    Instead of blaming our teachers who are with our kids the majority of their day maybe we should look at the administrators and top officials. Gahanna is last on the list for property taxes, yet their teachers make a decent amount more than Westerville teachers. It is mismanagement by the board and district officials – NOT greedy teachers – that are destroying the schools.