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Issue 59 – The Hidden Tax!

What we taxpayers fail to remember is that a property tax is also a hidden tax that we pay twice!

That’s right. If Issue 59 passes, you will pay about $620 a year in additional taxes, starting in 2018 – assuming your home is valued at about $310,000.

But it doesn’t stop there. Businesses also have to pay this new tax.

For the McDonald’s on State St., that’s about $2,500 per yer. So let’s look at some of Westerville’s businesses per year tax increases:

$2,500 – McDonalds
$1,500 – Pizza Hut
$1,250 – Dairy Queen
$5,200 – Iron Pony
$3,300 – Westerville Golf
$40,000 – JP Morgan
$4,990 – Harris House (“Affordable” housing for senior citizens)
$8,110 – Capital City Millwork
$1,272 – KFC
$1,100 – NAPA Auto Parts
$6,092 – CVS Pharmacy
$1,135 – Jimmy V’s
$1,600 – Tim Horton’s
$1,734 – Arby’s
$3,220 – Taco Bell

McDonald's Tax Increase

How many Happy Meals or tacos or golf games or motorcycle helmets or bottles of aspirin or Iced Coffees must be bought to make up for all of the extra cost these business have to incur? They can’t absorb these costs so they must pass them along to you, the consumer, the taxpayer. By voting for Issue 59, you will also be forced to, in addition to your property taxes, pay this “Hidden Cost” of the tax levy.

And seriously, when the school district didn’t spend a dime of the emergency levy and will soon have $92,000,000 in the bank, they have proven that don’t need this extra money, anyway. They are doing just fine without it!

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