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Issue 59 Raises taxes on the low-income elderly

Taxpayers for Westerville Schools is sharing the below chart to show how Issue 59 will affect low-income senior citizens if Issue 59 passes.

The Harris-Askins House “was built to meet the local need for housing for low-income senior citizens. (Harris-Adkins House website)” If Issue 59 passes, low-income senior citizens will have to pay an additional $19,900 in taxes over the next 5 years (based on an analysis of current taxes and the estimated cost of Issue 59).

Harris-Askins House tax Increase

Every year after 2021, Issue 59 will cost this business almost $5,000 per year affecting the affordability of their housing for low-income seniors.

The Westerville City School District will collect $83,000,000 from the 5 year emergency levy yet have $90,000,000 in the bank. With the school district flush with cash, isn’t it time to help our seniors and lower their cost of living?

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