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Administrative Guidelines – OPEN LETTER TO BOE:

Madam President and BOE members of the WCSD

The word of the month for May is RESPONSIBILITY. Help me understand why, you, the elected officials of this District, do not feel that RESPONSIBILITY to the citizens of this District are required on your decisions.

On Monday evening, you will be voting to approve new Administrative Guidelines. Yet, on Saturday morning when the agenda is released to the public, you do not furnish a copy of the guidelines.

So many important topics are covered in these guidelines, topics the public should have access to in detail.

You have cut technology classes in our middle schools, are you still giving phone allowances to all administrators?

You have cut transportation services to our students, are you giving car allowances to the administration?

You reduced the number of classes in the middle schools, students are faced with two study halls, have you reduced the number of carry over days or changed 12 month contracts to 11 month contracts. Have you you instituted a “use it or loose it” policy on vacation days?

During times of levy discussion, you, our elected BOE, said if new money is not made available you will be forced to subject our children to state minimums, in contracts you are renewing and granting under the revised Administrative Guidelines, have you reduced pick-ups, carry over, etc. to state minimums as required by ORC?

During many meetings board member, C. Crowe said often “programs don’t cost money” building and people cost money. Did you hold and reduce costs in the revised Administrative Guidelines, that will allow for programs to benefit the children, or only costs to benefit the pockets of the administration?

The revised Administrative Guidelines, as well as details of the contracts on the administrators up for renewal this year should have been made known to the citizens of this district before it shows as one line on the agenda.

Please, please start placing the programs and services for Westerville’s students FIRST.

Mary Medors