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We Are Westerville #2

Taxpayers for Westerville Schools continues its video series titled We Are Westerville. A series about residents looking for fiscal responsibility in our schools. Click Here to go to the We Are Westerville page. This week:

Susan continues the video series. She and her husband have lived in Westerville for 12 years and a is former school employee. Susan and her husband volunteer for a variety of children’s activities.

We Are Westerville

Taxpayers for Westerville Schools has started a new video series title We Are Westerville. A series about residents looking for fiscal responsibility in our schools. Click Here to go to the We Are Westerville page. The series starts off with:

Etta Moore starts off the video series. She has lived in Westerville for 52 years, a proud mother of 4 and a former teacher. Etta does a great job getting this series started.

The truth about the petition campaign…

Taxpayers for Westerville Schools (TFWS) is a group that is working to see fiscal responsibility within the Westerville School District. The group has seen overspending and the wasting of taxpayer dollars continue for years now with no relief to the taxpayer.

Since the BOE has been unable to gain control of their spending and to allow our school to maintain all of its programs, TFWS initiated an action which will reduce the taxpayer’s burden. Although TFWS initiated the action, a large number of people agreed that this course of action was the right thing to do at this time.

Since the beginning of this initiative, TFWS has been bombarded with false accusations.


Blatantly false statements have been made about the petition effort and our group. It is hard to believe how those in our community who are opposed to our effort have failed to check their facts and verify their information. And what is amazing is that the information is easily verifiable. Listed below are some of the false statements we have heard about and our response.

Statement #1: “[TFWS] has already succeeded in getting the necessary signatures and have turned them into the Board of Elections.”

    This statement was made in the month of July. This goes to the credibility of those making the statement. Besides checking our website for confirmation or seeing us at the library collecting signatures, a quick phone call to the Board of Elections would have verified this information. However, this did not happen. The petition was not turned in until August 7th. This easily verifiable statement was – false.


Statement #2: “The 1851 group and other outside entities…”

    Again, the lack of credibility in making this statement is amazing. On May 26th, TFWS posted a statement verifying just who was involved. We will repeat it once more. There were and are NO outside groups involved in this effort. TFWS started this initiative on its own; no one asked us to start the tax reduction effort. The 1851 Center has had absolutely no involvement in this initiative except to act as our legal counsel.

    And as for the statement about “outside groups,” we challenge anyone to provide proof that there are any outside groups involved. So to repeat, there was no “outside influence” in the petition effort. All funding was provided by local school district residents.


Statement #3: “Which means they have already spent at least $60,000 on this campaign… Obviously this is not being funded locally.”

    This is unreal, how can someone make such an inaccurate statement? Those closely following our campaign should know how to easily verify our costs.

    FACT: For the whole of the petition effort, Taxpayers for Westerville Schools spent less than $3,300.

    Let us repeat the above statement: all funding for this effort has been provided by local school district residents.


As residents and parents of children in the Westerville City School District, we at Taxpayers for Westerville Schools are disappointed that some of our community leaders continue to repeat this false information.


Some of the statements made appear to be part of a campaign fund raising effort. It is unfortunate that some groups will benefit from the use of this inaccurate information.

When these false statements are continually repeated, how does this help our community unite so that we can move forward?